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  • Yellow, Aqua & Pink
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Kheops Bracelet


Black & Grey Code: BC-AJ188
Blue & Aqua Code: BC-AJ189
Yellow, Aqua & Pink Code: BC-AJ193

This eco bracelet gives an silky tattoo look! Inspired by the ancient pyramids of Egypt and yet still so contemporary. Triangular shapes merge into black, grey and bright colours to create the ultimate prism. Your sensuality as at its peak.

- Handmade of eco proprietary plastic
- Certified lead, oil and phthalate free
- Tough, flexible, ultra-lightweight and seawater assistant
- Packaged in recycled paper

Available in Earrings and Necklace as well

Care instruction: simply wash with soap water if it's stained. Keeps flat in packaging after use.

Size: 14 - 23 cm
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